Build and manage every aspect of your network in a simple way

Our partnership program is simple and straightforward. Refer client to trade at Eginets, for each closed position partner will receive money from Eginets. It is mutually profitable for both of us.

An autopilot system for building your network

We’ve built best practices for subscriptions into our defaults—while still giving you full control and flexibility.

  • Single Level Network

    All partner will only have single level network under them, maximazing their profits

  • Affiliate Link & Site Creator

    Each partner is given an IB link to ensure their network is taken care of under their wing

  • 50% Direct Commission

    Our system ensuring all partners get 50% of their commission based on the close position of their networks

Becoming Our Partner in 5 Simple Steps

Follow the steps below to become our respected partner and gain commission from your network

  • Register as
  • Setup your
  • Sign up a member
  • Member
  • Get commision every day

Rebate Calculator

Automatic One Click IB Site Creator

Once you’ve registered, approved and received into our respected partner, you can use IB one click site creator in the Eginets cabinet to promote, signing up new member and become our exchanger.

  • SEO friendly website

    Our system will generate a website that can be easily indexed and found by multiple search engine, all for our partner convenience.

  • Choose a Theme

    You can choose between our multiple theme along with your logo and your site name, they can be customized to further enhance your brand look and feel.

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