The battle tested tools for our best customer

Our tools are the best in this market, we have built a robust system to provide you with the best experience in the world of forex trading.

Advanced Cabinet System

Enjoy ease of use and peace of mind with our next version of cabinet system

Track and manage your entire Trading Activities with the Eginets Dashboard.

  • dashboard


    Track everything, from your aggregated trading activities of all accounts, get a closer look of your partner rebate calculation and your wallet current balance with total deposit and withdraw.

  • personal


    Get your detailed wallet transaction, enjoy near real time deposit and withdraw transaction. Create all types of trading accounts from fun to zero spread and track your partner contribution to your own wallet.

  • tools


    Get your own personal affiliate links and start generating rebate from your downline, enhance your knowledge with our new learning center facility and become a master or follower in our new copy trade feature now.

Copy Trade

The next generation account mirroring service (trade copy). You can choose to become a master account or the account follower and could be an option to seek more profits in your trading activities.

  • master

    For Masters

    Set your minimum followers entry fee, enjoy the profit sharing percentage rules that you've set yourself and get your share everytime your follower is withdrawing their winning (because of you!) to their wallet. Easy as 1 2 3.

  • slave

    For Followers

    Choose any master trading history and history that you love, with our automatic proportional lot distribution system you will never have to be worry even if you have less capital than the masters.